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Money Management

How Much Did the Great Recession Cost You?

by Miranda Marquit October 18, 2013

Many consumers still feel as though the Great Recession is still affecting them, even though it’s been over for years. (Technically, the Great Recession lasted from December 2007 to June 2009.) There’s a reason that many of still feel the pinch, though. The Great Recession cost each household between $50,000 and $120,000, according to a […]

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Could a Financial Punishment Induce You to Change Your Habits?

by Miranda Marquit October 11, 2013

Many of us are looking for ways to change our bad habits. Since money is so important to a number of us, one way to stick to habits might be to attach a financial cost to the bad habit. Not too long ago, Jean Chatzky took part in a colloquium at the George Washington University […]

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Do You Trust Your Partner with Money?

by Miranda Marquit October 4, 2013

My husband trusts me with money so much that he looks at our finances maybe once or twice a year. His interest in our financial situation is pretty much limited to, “Do we have enough for this thing?” If the answer is, “Not right now,” he counters with, “What do we need to do to make […]

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3 Good Reasons to Give Financial Gifts

by Miranda Marquit September 27, 2013

When we think of savvy finances, we rarely think that giving money away is the smartest thing to do. After all, shouldn’t you be using that money for something else – like building wealth? The reality, though, is that well-rounded finances include an aspect of giving. And, believe it or not, giving your money away […]

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Income vs Wealth – And What it Means For You

by Kevin Mercadante September 26, 2013

Back when I was in college and at least partially supporting my education as a real estate agent, I learned the not so subtle difference between income and wealth. I was out driving with a colleague (who later became a great friend and mentor), and made a comment about how wealthy a certain neighborhood was. […]

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What Happens if the Government Shuts Down?

by Ryan Guina September 25, 2013

For the last two and a half years, the government has been playing a game of chicken with the budget. And a lot of people are left nervously watching on the sidelines. The problem boils down to passing a spending bill to keep the government running. If the spending bill isn’t passed by the time […]

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Could a Splurge Be a Positive Thing?

by Miranda Marquit September 18, 2013

We are used to thinking of splurges in negative terms. A splurge is often an unplanned purchase — especially if that unplanned purchase is of something you don’t need. With the prevailing mindset that every dollar is supposed to be accounted for ahead of time, splurging can seem like the ultimate bad money management move. […]

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