How to Invest in Dividend Stocks for as Little as $10

Dividend stock investing

Believe it or not, investing in dividend stocks does not take a huge initial investment to start. I use to think that it took thousands and thousands of dollars to get started in the stock market. While most methods for accumulating stock (i.e. online broker) require larger sums of money to get started, there are […]

5 Reasons Why Dividend Stocks May Be Better Than Bonds

bond funds are not risk free

Are you interested in increasing the fixed income portion of your investment portfolio, but completely unhappy at the fact that even very long-term bonds are paying interest rates in the low single digits? If you are, there are at least five reasons why dividend stocks may be better than bonds, if income is what you are […]

Best Discount Brokerage Reviews – Online Stock Trading Made Easy

OptionsXpress - Best discount brokerage firm

The online brokerage community has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, which is great for investors who like to participate in online stock trading. The competition has forced innovation, cheap online stock trades, and additional features such as educational and training centers, articles, videos, free webinars, chat rooms and forums, social […]

Want to Be a More Confident Investor? Educate Yourself

Picking stocks is like throwing darts

One of the biggest misconceptions associated with investing is that it is complicated and hard. This misconception is probably one of the reasons that so many people feel inadequate when it comes to making investing decisions. Indeed, according to the 2013 Jackson Investor Education Survey, most people feel as though they don’t have the education […]

Why an IRA Makes Sense Even If It Isn’t Tax Deductible

tax deferred investments

When it comes to making contributions for retirement, many people won’t fund an IRA if the contribution isn’t tax-deductible. That raises an interesting question: is the primary purpose of an IRA to build savings for retirement – or is it primarily seen as a tax deduction in the current year? Tax deductibility is certainly a […]

Bitcoin: Investment or Speculation?

Bitcoin investment or speculation?

One of the trends picking up steam right now is bitcoin. Recently, the value of a bitcoin has reached the $1,000 mark on the exchanges that allow you to buy bitcoins with more traditional currencies. With interest in bitcoin growing, it’s time to ask yourself: Is this an investment, or is it speculation? What is […]

Warren Buffett and Jay-Z Forbes Interview – Lessons Learned

I recently watched a Forbes interview with Warren Buffet and Jay-Z. While an interview with these two individuals seems like a contrast on the surface, they actually share a similar message. They both grew from humble beginnings, have worked their way to where they are now, have become very successful businessmen and entrepreneurs, and are […]