How to Create a Retirement Plan – Simple Tips to Get Started and Stay on Track

by Kevin Mercadante February 17, 2017

Creating a retirement plan may seem overwhelming if you have never done it. But it doesn’t have to be. This guide will give you a top-level overview and show you how to create a retirement plan. In this guide, we will cover different types of tax advantaged retirement accounts, such as your employer sponsored 401k […]

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Volatile Markets – Should You Go To Cash or Stay the Course?

by Miranda Marquit February 13, 2017

How do you respond when things look a little crazy on the stock market? Should you sell your stocks and go to cash during volatile markets, or should you stay the course, and keep your money invested for the long haul? One of the most common responses is to get worried and sell, deciding to […]

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Best Roth IRA Investments – How You Invest Makes a Big Difference in Your Retirement Portfolio

by Kevin Mercadante February 6, 2017

The best Roth IRA investments are those that take advantage of the Roth IRA’s unique tax advantages. Asset allocation receives a lot of attention, and rightly so. A strong mix of diversified investments can help stabilize your investment portfolio. But just as important as asset allocation is asset location, or the placement of certain types […]

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Is Your Retirement Portfolio Taking Inflation into Account?

by Kevin Mercadante January 30, 2017

One of the challenges investors face is calculating inflation into your retirement portfolio. The amount of money that you support your lifestyle today is probably vastly less than what you will actually need once you retire. As has been the case for a human lifetime, inflation is likely to be a constant presence well into the […]

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Wealthfront Review – Professional Investment Management at a Fraction of the Cost

by Kevin Mercadante January 23, 2017

Wealthfront is the largest of the automated online investment platforms known as robo advisors, having over $4.3 billion under management. Robo advisors offer a low-cost alternative to traditional investment management. They provide professional investment management services at a fraction of the cost of traditional investment management services, and with far smaller minimum initial investments. Wealthfront […]

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Beginner Investing Strategies – How to Define Your Investment Goals and Start Investing!

by Ryan Guina January 19, 2017

Investors today have more investment options than were available to the average investor just a few decades ago. While having multiple options is usually a good thing, too many options can cause system overload and lead many people to avoid making decisions. Investing is a broad topic that often seems intimidating to people who are […]

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How Many Retirement Accounts Can You Have?

by Ryan Guina October 26, 2016

How many retirement accounts can you have? Earlier this week a reader asked me this same question, and I promised a response. The specific question regarded owning both Traditional and Roth IRAs, and whether or not having an employee sponsored 401(k) plan would affect her eligibility for those accounts. The answer is yes, you can […]

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