Should You Buy Life Insurance on Your Kids?

life insurance for children

Nothing stirs up the emotions like the thought of something happening to your child(ren). My wife and I recently had our second child, and I know the first few weeks were filled with a range of emotions – what if something happens to me, or my wife, or, heaven forbid, my daughter? The statistics say […]

Insurance Policies You Don’t Need

volcano eruption

In one of my favorite episodes of the television show Family Guy, a slick door-to-door salesman convinces the bumbling Peter to purchase volcano insurance. When Peter first suggests that they’d never had volcano trouble in Rhode Island, the salesman responds “Don’t you think we’re due for one?” which of course ensures his sale. Even though […]

How To Find Affordable Auto Insurance Rates

how to find affordable insurance rates

Car insurance is a requirement – and not just to protect yourself and others in the event of an accident – but a legal requirement. If you drive a car, you need insurance. Fortunately (and unfortunately), there are thousands of companies which provide automobile insurance and just as many policies from which to choose.  With […]

Can You Survive a Financial Catastrophe?

flood catastrophe

Most financial experts recommend having an emergency fund – enough money to prevent a small emergency from becoming a major emergency. While most experts recommend you have an emergency fund, not all experts agree on how much you should keep in your emergency fund. Some experts recommend a month of living expenses, and some recommend […]

Do You Need Life Insurance During Retirement?

Do you need life insurance during retirement?

As the date of your retirement nears, it’s likely that your term life insurance policy is also coming close to the end of its term. Now what? Do you renew your life insurance, even though you will soon be living off your retirement investments, or do you let the insurance lapse altogether? Though this question […]

What Does Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

flood insurance

After Hurricane Katrina, many people were surprised to learn that basic homeowner’s insurance did not cover flood damage. In the best case scenario, Americans watching the aftermath of the terrible storm called up their insurance agent and reviewed their policy. For a lot of people, unfortunately, it got put on the back burner—something to take […]