How Much to Put in Your Flexible Spending Account

by Emily Guy Birken September 5, 2012

As we head into fall, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your Flexible Spending Account for 2013. Open enrollment in these accounts are generally held in the late fall, and in order to make the best use of them, you’ll need to do a little planning and research ahead of time. Here […]

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Life Insurance, Part of a Comprehensive Financial Plan

by Ryan Guina August 22, 2012

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about financial planning? If you are like most people, it probably has to do with budgeting, or investing. Yes, both of these are fundamental parts of our financial planning. You can’t win at the financial game if you don’t follow the basic art […]

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Why You Need Long Term Disability Insurance

by Jeff Rose, CPA August 10, 2012

There are so many types of insurance that you “must have”. Health insurance provides coverage for medical expenses while life insurance provides financial support for family members left behind when you die. What about disability insurance? Disability insurance on the other hand protects your income in the event you are unable to work as a […]

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Health Insurance for the Unemployed

by Kevin Mulligan July 31, 2012

A majority of people are honest, hard working folks that want to work. Not many people enjoy sitting on the couch, aimlessly clicking on job applications and sending their resumes off to a proverbial hiring black hole. We want to work, but sometimes the company lays off, or the funding gets cut, or the performance is […]

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Use Your HSA as an Investment Vehicle

by Miranda Marquit July 30, 2012

One of the financial products gaining a lot of attention lately is the Health Savings Account (HSA). This is because the HSA makes it possible for you to set aside money for your medical expenses without a lot of trouble. And because HSAs are connected to high deductible health plans (HDHP), they are usually used […]

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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: What Will You Pay?

by Miranda Marquit July 23, 2012

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that almost the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is constitutional, and it is set to continue rolling out changes. Some changes, such as dependents remaining on their parents’ insurance until age 26, the end to the practice of rescission, and an end to caps on “essential” benefits, are […]

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2017 Maximum HSA Contribution Limits

by Kevin Mulligan July 18, 2012

Health Savings Accounts, or HSAs, are growing in popularity among people who need insurance and employers looking to save on costs. What exactly is a health savings account, and what are the HSA contribution limits for each calendar year? What is a Health Savings Account? Health Savings Accounts are a type of savings account specifically […]

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