Do Freezer Chests Save Money?

Are freezer chest cost effective?

My wife wants a chest freezer so we can store more food. The idea behind it seems sound – a freezer chests allow you to buy and store large amounts of food. This makes it easy to stock up on foods when they are on sale, and gives you the added convenience of not making […]

How to File A FEMA Claim

FEMA Flood Assistance

When a natural disaster strikes, it can to get back to a normal way of life. For many people, that means taking each day at a time and trying to make your home livable again. For those who lost everything, it might mean trying to find safe shelter for a few days or longer. The […]

How a Large Down Payment Helps You

Benefits of a large downpayment

When we bought our house five years ago, we used a FHA loan. At the time, the down payment requirement was 2.5% (the requirement has since increased to 3.5%). Much as it shames me to admit, we bought with the smallest down payment we could get away with. Looking back, though, I wish that we […]

The High Cost of Small Appliance Repair

Secuity Torx - six star screw with pin

Our microwave recently went out of commission. It’s funny how you don’t notice how much you use something until it is gone! The microwave itself was still functioning, however, the door button moved freely, but didn’t release the door. Thankfully, there wasn’t any food in the microwave, otherwise it might have gotten ugly if I […]