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How to Save Money for the Down Payment on a House

by Kevin Mercadante September 6, 2013

Unlike most items we purchase these days, a house isn’t something that you can go out and buy today if you decided that you wanted to. It can take months or years of planning before you’re ready to proceed. One of the biggest reasons for this is the need to save money for the down […]

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Adventures in Guitar Shopping

by Ryan Guina July 25, 2013

I started playing guitar as a teenager and through the years I’ve gone through many stages as a player. I started with an electric guitar, then bought a classical, then an acoustic-electric, a hollowbody jazz box, a bass, and an assortment of accessories and recording gear. I have bought and sold over a dozen guitars […]

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Are these 5 Money Lies Threatening Your Marriage?

by Miranda Marquit July 1, 2013

For years, we’ve heard about how money is a factor in many divorces. A lot of the press revolves around the issue of fighting about money, or being stressed because of debt. However, it’s not always just about the fighting. Sometimes, the money lies we tell in a marriage can be more of a threat. […]

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The Financial Impact of the Supreme Court DOMA Rulings

by Ryan Guina June 27, 2013

The Supreme Court just struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as unconstitutional. While this will have far-reaching implications social and political implications, it will also have a major financial impact on many people. Let’s take a look at how same sex couples will be impacted (financially) by this change. Benefits Are Now Wide […]

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Traveling with Young Children

by Ryan Guina June 19, 2013

My wife and I just returned from an out of state vacation, our first with both of our children, ages 1.5 and four. Two years ago we traveled with our oldest daughter who was two at the time, and we stayed with my parents. That was a relatively easy trip, and we didn’t need to […]

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The Real Cost of Fast Food

by Emily Guy Birken May 6, 2013

When I first got out on my own, I’d often stash my change in the ashtray of my car. That way, if I needed a quick meal the day before payday, I could find enough quarters and dimes to go to McDonald’s or Taco Bell. After all, one of the real benefits of fast food […]

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How to Acquire Baby Clothes for Less

by Emily Guy Birken April 18, 2013

One of the joys of impending parenthood is getting to stroll through the baby clothing aisle of your local department store, exclaiming over and over how cute and tiny each outfit is. Unfortunately, that joy is short-lived once you reach for the price tag. While baby clothes are certainly cheaper than their adult counterparts, they […]

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