How to Acquire Baby Clothes for Less


One of the joys of impending parenthood is getting to stroll through the baby clothing aisle of your local department store, exclaiming over and over how cute and tiny each outfit is. Unfortunately, that joy is short-lived once you reach for the price tag. While baby clothes are certainly cheaper than their adult counterparts, they […]

Financial Tips for Unmarried Couples

financial tips for unmarried couples

According to census data, 7.5 million unmarried couples were living together in 2010. While many of the relationships between these unmarried partners do not last or lead to marriage, it is becoming more and more common to see couples who are simply opting out of marriage, while keeping all the other trappings of a committed […]

How to Buy Super Bowl Tickets – 2013

Buy Super Bowl Tickets

A couple years ago, my coworker and I were discussing our bucket lists, you know, the list of things you want to accomplish or see before you die. He mentioned his dad’s biggest wish was to go to the Super Bowl, and we got on the topic of buying Super Bowl tickets. All we knew […]

How To Avoid Spoiling Your Kids

avoid spoiling your kids

No one plans to raise a child like Veruca Salt. The spoiled brat in the story Charlie and Chocolate Factory was given her every heart’s desire by her loving and over-indulgent parents—and became a gimme gimme monster who ends up being pushed down a trash chute when she won’t take no for an answer. Obviously, […]

Amazon AutoRip is Awesome

Amazon AutoRip - Free digital copies of your music

I’m a huge fan of Amazon. I am an Amazon Prime member and think it’s one of the best deals in technology that you can find. For less than $100 a year, you can get unlimited streaming for thousands and movies and TV shows, free two day shipping, and borrow a book for free each […]

The REAL Cost of Refinancing Your Home

The real cost of refinancing your home

With mortgage interest rates at all-time lows, there’s a surge of refinance activity as homeowners try to take advantage of the drop. For most homeowners, refinancing at these rates makes abundant sense. But there are costs involved in refinancing your home that homeowners are not always aware of. Some of them are built into the […]

What is a Good House Payment Amount for You?

What is a good house payment amount?

When it comes to buying a house or refinancing your mortgage, there’s a tendency to push the envelope as far as you can. Most people want to borrow as much money as they can on their homes so they’ll usually borrow as much as a mortgage lender will allow. This is especially true when purchasing […]