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Beyond the Money: What Else to Think About During Divorce

by Miranda Marquit February 12, 2014

In the last few months, several of my acquaintances announced that they are breaking up. In many cases, this break up is taking the form of divorce. When it comes to divorce, there are a lot of money issues to deal with, from who is responsible for what debt and how the assets should be […]

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Say “No” to the 40 Year Mortgage

by Kevin Mercadante January 27, 2014

As a way to increase mortgage affordability, mortgage lenders are beginning to resurrect the 40 year mortgage. Not that it was ever that popular during the housing boom of the early 2000’s, but it is now seen as a way to enable more borrowers to qualify for mortgages, and in higher loan amounts. But no […]

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Why Buying a Brand New Car for a Teenager is a Form of Insanity

by Kevin Mercadante December 11, 2013

No small number of parents buy a brand-new car for their teenager. It may be done as a first car, or even as a graduation present. But while it can seem like a benevolent act, it could also be a form of insanity. Consider some of the following – you may even come up with […]

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Take the Stress Out of Christmas Shopping

by Kevin Mercadante November 25, 2013

Christmas is upon us once again, and in all the fun and festivities, there’s yet another dimension that most of us don’t like to think about – stress! Let’s be honest, stress takes a lot of the fun out of the holidays – and much of that stress comes from shopping. We want to be […]

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Resisting the Hard Sell – How to Say No to a Slick Sales Pitch

by Ryan Guina November 15, 2013

My wife and I bought our house about two and a half years ago. Soon after moving in we began the standard home improvements, including redecorating, painting, landscaping, and all the fun things that come with home-ownership. We did all of the painting and most of the landscaping on our own. But after awhile, we […]

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What are the Most Expensive Traffic Violations?

by Kevin Mercadante October 9, 2013

Traffic violations are frustrating because they are almost always an avoidable expense. How much of an expense varies. It’s almost impossible to determine the exact cost of any traffic violation. But it is clear that there are certain violations that will be more expensive than others. The cost of each violation is determined by a […]

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How to Successfully File an Insurance Claim with USPS

by Ryan Guina October 2, 2013

I recently bought a relatively expensive acoustic-electric guitar on Ebay. I’m not a fan of buying something as personal as an acoustic guitar without having played it first. But I had been in the market for several months, and I was frustrated because I wasn’t able to find the guitar I was looking for at […]

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