VantageScore Credit Score


Consumers understand that the difference between being approved or denied for credit is often based on the magic three numbers that make up their credit score. What some consumers may not know is the fact that there is more than one credit score available for lenders to review. Most people are familiar with the FICO […]

Featured College Credit Cards and Tips for Wise Use


Advertising Disclosure. Many people debate whether or not college students should get credit cards. I don’t believe every student should get a credit card, but I believe that they should consider one if they can use it responsibly. I opened my first credit card while I was in college and used it to help build […]

5 Debt Traps to Avoid — At All Costs

Debt is often compared to a prison. And, truly, debt can be a financial prison. Consider: When you are in debt, you are in a cycle of paying interest to someone else. This is money that is not used for your good, but rather goes straight into someone else’s pocket. And, because of the nature […]