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Credit Scores

Do You Know Your Rights When it Comes to Debt Collection?

by Miranda Marquit July 16, 2013

One of the most difficult financial issues that many people have to deal with is debt. Not only can debt weigh you down when it comes to money, but it also causes stress in other ways. And once your debt is turned over to collections, it can become especially burdensome and stressful. Dealing with debt […]

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Preventing Identity Theft for Your Children

by Kevin Mercadante July 12, 2013

There’s always plenty in the media warning us about the dangers of identity theft to ourselves. But one area where identity theft rarely seems to focus is on children. Since children are typically not active users of credit, we tend to be far less concerned about the potential damage caused by identity theft. But that […]

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How to Repair Your Credit After Bankruptcy

by Kevin Mulligan June 26, 2013

Despite your best intentions you just couldn’t make all the payments work. The creditors wouldn’t work with you and you had to declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is an emotional process and a stressful time. Collection agencies are probably calling you, your workplace, and anywhere else they can find you. But once it is final your dischargeable debts are […]

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Should You Buy Credit Card Insurance?

by Miranda Marquit May 31, 2013

Credit cards can provide you with a convenient way to pay for your purchases. However, if you rack up a balance, things could start to get dicey. Not only do you have to contend with interest charges, but you also have to worry about what happens in a financial emergency if you can no longer […]

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How Long Do Negative Items Stay on Credit Reports?

by Kevin Mulligan April 16, 2013

Your credit report and credit score should be a couple of your most prized financial assets. A solid credit history without any negative marks can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest over your lifetime. Likewise, a few negative marks on your report can drop your score which in turn raises the cost […]

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How Will A Short Sale Affect My Credit Score?

by Kevin Mulligan April 8, 2013

The lead up to the Great Recession was fueled by cheap credit, improper lending practices, and the unrealistic belief that housing prices could only go up. While some communities have seen housing price recoveries back to somewhat normal levels, others are still suffocating on a market full of foreclosures. All of the negative housing trends […]

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Is Your Income Information for Sale?

by Miranda Marquit February 7, 2013

Big data is big business. The more information financial companies have about consumers, the more money they can make, and the more effective they can be. Consumer profiling is increasingly popular as companies look to target specific demographics. However, while many of us have become resigned to the fact that our spending and credit behaviors […]

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