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  • Cash Back Credit Cards: Cash rewards credit cards are my favorite type of rewards because they are generally the easiest to understand and use. The cards in this list offer a variety of cash rewards programs
  • Rewards Credit Cards: These cards offer a variety of cash, travel, and points rewards. Find the card that will earn you the best rewards for your needs!
  • 0% APR Credit Cards: These 0% credit cards come with 0% interest on purchases and/or balance transfers for the first few months you own the card, making them a great way to get an interest free loan!
  • 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards: Are you in credit card debt? Try transferring your credit card balance to a 0% baance transfer card and avoid paying interest on your credit card debt. This is a great way to save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in credit card interest.
  • Low Interest Credit Cards: Do you carry a balance on your credit card? Choose one of these low interest credit card to save money!
  • Travel Rewards Credit Cards: These are the best cards for traveler’s, offering card holders a way to earn cash and travel rewards, free airline tickets, free hotel stays, and more.
  • Airline Miles Credit Cards: These cards are great if you are a loyal or frequent airline traveler. Sign up bonuses include free airline tickets and cash back, plus you can earn free tickets, first class or business class upgrades, and more.
  • Gas Rewards Credit Cards: Do you drive a lot? Then you can save a substantial amount of money on gas with these gas rewards credit cards.
  • Business Credit Cards: Every business owner should think about getting a business credit card. I use mine frequently for business expenses and enjoy the protections credit cards offer as well as cash back and rewards.
  • Student Credit Cards: Student credit cards give young people the opportunity to build their credit history and credit score at an early age, as well as learn responsible credit card use.
  • Secured Credit Cards: Don’t have a credit history, or do you have bad credit? Secured credit scores can help you build or repair your credit score and still enjoy the benefits, conveniences, and protections of having a credit card.
  • Credit Card Bonus Offers: These are the best sign up offers around – giving you the chance to earn anywhere from $100 and up, just for opening a new credit card and meeting a minimal requirement. Easy!

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3 Situations in Which Credit Issuers Can Still Suddenly Hike Rates

by Miranda Marquit July 9, 2010

The Credit CARD Act, passed last year, offered some protections for consumers against some of the less savory practices of credit card issuers. The last of the rules go into effect next month. One of the biggest protections is the provision that issuers can’t raise rates on existing balances. This retroactive practice of raising interest […]

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Chase Freedom® Visa Review – $100 Bonus Cash Back

by Ryan Guina July 1, 2010

Chase just announced the new Chase Freedom® Visa – $100 Bonus Cash Back offer, available for a limited time. This $100 cash bonus offer is available as a statement credit to all new cardholders who apply for and are approved for a new Chase Freedom® Visa and spend $500 within the first 3 months. The […]

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Credit Card Companies Respond to Credit CARD Act

by Ryan Guina March 19, 2010

If you are a credit card user, then by now you have probably seen examples of the new credit card statements required by the Credit Card ACT. The new credit card statements are only one change required by the Credit CARD Act – there are a few other big changes in the credit card industry […]

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10 Things To Be Certain Teens Know About Credit Cards

by Craig Ford March 16, 2010

Does your teen need a student credit card? In the financial field, there is a lot of debate on the topic of teenagers and credit cards. On one hand, some people advise that teens get credit cards so they can learn how to use them responsibly.  On the other hand, some think that this is […]

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0% APR Balance Transfer Card – Longest Intro Offer?

by Ryan Guina March 11, 2010

Advertising Disclosure. Are you looking for a 0% balance transfer credit card or a credit card that features 0% APR on purchases? Then this may be the card for you! Citi just announced they are offering an increased balance transfer period for their premier balance transfer credit card.  Intro APR Period: 0% APR for 21 […]

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Best Credit Cards with 0% APR

by Ryan Guina March 6, 2010

A 0% balance transfer credit card is a great way to save on your credit card interest rates and eliminate credit card debt more quickly. Credit cards – love them or hate them, they are a big part of our society. For some people, credit cards are a curse, and for some people they are […]

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Credit CARD Act Changes Coming Sooner?

by Ryan Guina September 24, 2009

Earlier this year, Congress passed the Credit CARD Act of 2009 to standardize several aspects of the credit card industry. Changes include restricting the type and number of fees credit card companies can charge, increased transparency regarding interest rates and rate changes, standardized billing rules, and limiting the ability for some young people to qualify […]

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