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Protect Your Professional Image Online

by October 10, 2012

As you develop your professional career there are a few key aspects in your growth: your skills (that you must keep sharp and always adding to), your network (that you must give more to be able to take a little from), and your reputation. An often shared quote which has been attributed to many people, [...]

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Boost Your Productivity: Make a Better To Do List

by Miranda Marquit October 1, 2012

Many of us are looking ways to be more productive with our time. Whether you want more time to improve yourself through knowledge, make more money, or have more time to just relax, increased productivity frees up time to work on the things you want to work on. Making a to do list can help you [...]

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Are You Being Challenged Enough at Work?

by September 27, 2012

I read an article this week on BusinessWeek about why many young, talented workers are leaving their jobs. The reason? According to the Harvard Business Review study the article was based upon, these skilled employees aren’t being challenged enough. At first, the answer surprised me. I expected the number one reason employees would leave a job [...]

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Choosing a Major: 3 Vital Things to Consider

by Miranda Marquit September 24, 2012

The biggest decision that you make when you head to college is this: What major will you pursue? While it would be nice to follow your passion, and get a degree in something you love, and that you think would be fun, you also need to look at reality. Recently, I read an article about [...]

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Post-Conference Experience

by September 14, 2012

I recently attended the Financial Bloggers Conference in Denver, Colorado, along with about 400 other personal finance bloggers, writers, financial professionals, advertisers, and others in the industry. Conferences are a great way to meet people in your field, forge new personal and professional relationships, grow your professional skills, extend your professional network, generate business opportunities, [...]

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The Art of the Intro – How to Introduce Someone in a Professional Environment

by September 13, 2012

I work with a lot of different people. Sometimes there are two people I know might be able to do some business together. This represents a great opportunity to bring people together and help them create a business relationship or forge a friendship. But it has to be done carefully, otherwise you risk alienating someone, [...]

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Can You Create a More Flexible Work Environment?

by Miranda Marquit August 28, 2012

Are employers becoming more flexible to the demands of workers? Indications are that many employers are interested in retaining younger workers, and willing to make accommodations for their demands. A recent article posted on the blog at the Wall Street Journal indicates that many employers are trying to find ways to keep the workers from [...]

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