Tips for Buying and Selling College Textbooks

buy and sell textbooks online

College textbooks are an expensive investment, but selling them can be an equally frustrating experience, especially when you realize that your books are not worth nearly as much as they were when you bought them. However, when you are careful, and you plan ahead, you can save a lot of money on your purchases, and […]

Protect Your Professional Image Online

Protect your professional image online

As you develop your professional career there are a few key aspects in your growth: your skills (that you must keep sharp and always adding to), your network (that you must give more to be able to take a little from), and your reputation. An often shared quote which has been attributed to many people, […]

Are You Being Challenged Enough at Work?

why people change jobs

I read an article this week on BusinessWeek about why many young, talented workers are leaving their jobs. The reason? According to the Harvard Business Review study the article was based upon, these skilled employees aren’t being challenged enough. At first, the answer surprised me. I expected the number one reason employees would leave a job […]