ChexSystems is Keeping Track of Your Banking Habits

by Miranda Marquit August 7, 2012

When the subject of credit scores comes up, many of us immediately think of FICO scores and credit bureaus. However, there is more to consumer behavior reporting than just what falls under the heading of “traditional” credit reporting. One of the financial scores that you might not be aware of is the report issued by […]

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Is It Time to Consider a Credit Union?

by Miranda Marquit March 9, 2012

Lately, there has been a lot of news about bank fees. Indeed, many consumers have become disappointed and annoyed with rising bank fees. As a result, consumers are looking around and wondering where else they can go to have a more pleasant (and cheaper) banking experience. For many, that has meant choosing a credit union. […]

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Aurora Bank Review

by Ryan Guina December 9, 2011

I love using the Internet to find deals. In addition to finding ways to save money with coupon codes and promos, I like to find ways to make my money work for me. Banking is one of the most essential parts of a financial plan, and it makes sense to find a good bank that […]

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Best Free Online Checking Accounts

by Ryan Guina July 30, 2011

Checking accounts should be free, period. At least, that’s what I believe. Unfortunately, many of the largest banks in the US have terminated their free checking programs and replaced them with “free checking if you meet the following criteria” programs, a far cry from the free checking programs many companies previously offered. These “free” checking […]

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Zions Bank Review – High Interest Checking, Savings, and Money Market Accounts

by Ryan Guina July 28, 2011

I recently began looking for another bank for my small business, and one of the criteria I am using in my search is finding a bank that not only offers a solid business account, but a top tier personal savings account and a free online checking account as well. Managing fewer accounts is a priority […]

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5 Common Misconceptions About FDIC Insurance

by Laura Adams December 15, 2010

FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insurance might not be the sexiest personal finance topic, but it’s an important one. Many people know that banks have federal insurance, but they may not know the details about what’s covered and what isn’t.

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Dave Ramsey Recommends PerkStreet Financial Rewards Debit Card

by Ryan Guina September 27, 2010

If you know anything about Dave Ramsey, you should know this: He hates debt, and he hates credit cards. And with good reason. He made some poor financial decisions in his younger days and lost a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio he had built. He was living beyond his means and he took on too […]

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