Is It Time to Consider a Credit Union?

Should you join a credit union?

Lately, there has been a lot of news about bank fees. Indeed, many consumers have become disappointed and annoyed with rising bank fees. As a result, consumers are looking around and wondering where else they can go to have a more pleasant (and cheaper) banking experience. For many, that has meant choosing a credit union. […]

How to Close a SmartyPig Account

SmartyPig Dashboard - How to close a SmartyPig Account

I started organizing all of my tax documents, and while I was gathering all of my 1099s, I realized there are several accounts I am no longer using and which I should close. One of those happens to be my SmartyPig account. When SmartyPig burst onto the scene a couple years ago, they promised to […]

Aurora Bank Review

Aurora Bank Savings Account

I love using the Internet to find deals. In addition to finding ways to save money with coupon codes and promos, I like to find ways to make my money work for me. Banking is one of the most essential parts of a financial plan, and it makes sense to find a good bank that […]

Best Free Online Checking Accounts

ally bank checking account

Checking accounts should be free, period. At least, that’s what I believe. Unfortunately, many of the largest banks in the US have terminated their free checking programs and replaced them with “free checking if you meet the following criteria” programs, a far cry from the free checking programs many companies previously offered. These “free” checking […]

SmartyPig is No Longer Relevant


Like many other people, I was intrigued when SmartyPig launched – they offered interest rates which were substantially higher than virtually every other bank on the market. Unfortunately, it was unsustainable. SmartyPig recently dropped their interest rates again and while their current interest rate of 1.10% APY is still near the best you can find, […]