How to Spot Counterfeit Money

$100 bill 3D security ribbon

The counterfeit money industry costs any government a good bit of money and time in investigations. The US government and its mints are constantly trying to improve paper bills to make counterfeiting more difficult. Making bills that are impossible to counterfeit is not possible since fakes can be passed on unsuspecting cashiers, but making the […]

Should You Spring for Overdraft Protection?

do you need overdraft protection?

We often hear that one of the biggest drains on wealth is paying fees. I can’t think of anyone who likes paying fees. For those who follow sound principles of money management, fees shouldn’t be much of a problem. After all, when you are living within your means, you shouldn’t have to worry about fees, […]

Best Places to Stash Your Emergency Fund

Where should you keep your emergency fund?

What does every personal finance expert say is the first step to financial freedom? Starting an emergency fund. It should be pretty obvious why this is so important: emergencies are a fact of life. If your car broke down or you had to fly out of town for a funeral, how would you pay for […]

ChexSystems is Keeping Track of Your Banking Habits

ChexSystems Report - Tracking Bounced Checks

When the subject of credit scores comes up, many of us immediately think of FICO scores and credit bureaus. However, there is more to consumer behavior reporting than just what falls under the heading of “traditional” credit reporting. One of the financial scores that you might not be aware of is the report issued by […]