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Moving and Banking: Do You Change Things Up When You Move?

by Miranda Marquit October 27, 2014

I recently made the trek across the country to take up a new abode. I’ve researched the area that my family is moving to, and found that the bank that we currently use for all our primary money needs — and my business needs — doesn’t have a branch within 200 miles. This isn’t much […]

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How to Know if a Bank is Safe

by Ryan Guina October 16, 2013

A reader recently contacted me concerning the safety of a specific online bank. The bank in question had higher than normal interest rates at a time when most banks are offering fairly low interest rates. (Here are some current interest rates to give you an idea of what to expect). Specifically, the reader wanted to […]

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CIT Bank Review – Online Savings Account and CDs

by Ryan Guina May 17, 2013

In today’s era of online banking and competitive interest rates, online banking has almost become a commodity. There are only a few things that separate banks from each other: brand recognition & trust, technology and features, high interest rates, and low or no fees. CIT Bank is a leader in several of these aspects. If […]

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Capital One 360 Review – Online Savings, Checking, and More

by Ryan Guina April 13, 2013

If you were formerly a banking customer of ING Direct, then you are probably already aware that ING sold their American banking branch to Capital One back in 2012. The transition happened behind the scenes, for the most part, until recently when Capital One rebranded the bank as Capital One 360 Savings. For most customers, […]

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How Will A Short Sale Affect My Credit Score?

by Kevin Mulligan April 8, 2013

The lead up to the Great Recession was fueled by cheap credit, improper lending practices, and the unrealistic belief that housing prices could only go up. While some communities have seen housing price recoveries back to somewhat normal levels, others are still suffocating on a market full of foreclosures. All of the negative housing trends […]

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Citibank Checking Account Review

by Ryan Guina March 29, 2013

Sometimes bigger is better – especially when it brings you access to savings and deals not found with many other banks, which is the case with Citibank checking and savings accounts. Citigroup is listed by the Federal Reserve as the third largest bank by deposits in the US. What does that mean for the average […]

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American Express Personal Savings Account Review

by Kevin Mulligan March 8, 2013

Looking for a place to earn some extra interest on your savings? You’ve probably heard of some of the banks that offer online savings accounts, but many people had no idea that American Express offers the exact same thing. You can earn a great interest rate while enjoying the same high level of customer service […]

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