Capital One 360 Referral Bonus – $25 for Savings

by Ryan Guina

Capital One 360 is one of the top online banks in the nation. I opened a savings and checking account with them over 7 years ago and have been using it as one of my main bank accounts ever since then. They offer some of the most competitive interest rates in the country along with one some of the best features, including the ability to create a savings and checking account, create sub-accounts within your main account, link multiple external bank accounts, and link a ShareBuilder brokerage account. We have a full rundown of their features in our Capital One 360 review.

We also rate the Capital One 360 checking account among the best free online checking accounts in the nation. There are no required minimum deposits or fees to maintain your account. It also offers free bill pay, the ability to send friends and family members money via P2P payments at no cost, and you will have access to over 35,000 free ATMs. This is also an interest bearing account, which is something not all checking accounts offer.

To top it off, Capital one 360 often features sign up bonuses for new account holders. We have the details of the most popular program: a $25 cash bonus for new savings accounts.

Capital One 360 Referral Bonus – $25 for New Saving Accounts

$25 Capital One 360 Referral Bonus Capital One 360 is a great place to stash your cash and earn a nice interest rate. My wife and I both have an account with Capital One 360 and we have recommended these accounts to family members as well.

$25 Capital One 360 referral bonus: The good news is that you can earn a $25 bonus when you open a new account with at least $250. The new account bonus will be deposited into your account right away, but you won’t be able to withdraw it for 30 days. The offer is good for new accounts only, and can be used for Capital One 360 Savings accounts, or for the Capital One 360 Business Savings Account.

How to get receive your $25 bonus: To receive the $25 Capital One 360 bonus, you must be a new Capital One 360 customer and you must open the account with at least $250.

Send me an e-mail. Capital One 360 used to provide links, but that process has changed. Now the easiest way to get a referral is to contact me via my contact form and I will get one to you straight away!

Win-Win: You will receive $25 for signing up, and I will receive $10 for each referral used. This is a great deal for both of us. 🙂

You can do this too! Capital One 360 offers a $25 bonus to all new referred customers who use the referral links to open an account with an initial deposit of $250 or more. Once you have an account, you can refer other people who will also receive the $25 for signing up, and you will get $10. Again, a win-win situation!

Business Savings also available: Capital One 360 is famous for their personal savings and checking accounts, but not many people know they also offer the Capital One 360 Business Savings Account for businesses to earn more money on their savings. The Capital One 360 Business Savings Account is a high yield savings account and offers a much higher interest rate than most regular banks offer for their business savings accounts.

Published or updated December 10, 2014.
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1 Ron@TheWisdomJournal

I really need to take advantage of this. Need to get my checkbook first — but it’s 60 miles away and I’m in 6 inches of snow. Maybe tomorrow?


2 Ryan

Ron, this is a great bank for on-line needs. The best part is, you can refer each of your family members for their own account. If you do that, you will receive a $10 referral each time, and they will receive a $25 bonus if you fund the account with $250.

If someone doesn’t have enough to do that all at once, they can take their time and transfer the money from account to account to make sure they can get the sign up bonuses. It’s a nice deal! 🙂


3 Belle

Thank you!!! I have been intending to open an account with ING Direct for months, and this finally gave me the push I needed to go ahead and do it. Now I have an automatic twice monthly deposit set up and an extra $25 in the account (and maybe an extra $10 here and there for referrals). Wonderful! Thanks again!


4 Imani

Well, I tried to get the $25 sign up bonus with ING, but they said I couldn’t since my account was opened on 12-12-08, which is more than 30 days.

So much for that!


5 Imani

Ok, then, Ryan….it may be helpful for others to know that…I was misled by the post in that it doesn’t specify the 30 day time frame. I am just over that by two weeks.

Thanks anyway.

~I vote~


6 Ryan

Sorry for that, Imani! I guess 30 days is the time frame they work with. There are some more bank bonuses and other savings.

Good luck finding something useful!


7 Naresh

How about using $25/- promotion to another savings account if I’m an ING customer already?


8 Ryan

Hello Naresh,

You can only get one $25 referral per person.


9 Naresh

Ryan, Thanks. I was wondering if the promotion is good for existing customers as well. I guess that is the not the case.

By the way, does ING does a hard pull to open a second savings account?


10 Ryan


Not for ING Direct savings (based on what I found on the net):

But they may for an Electric Orange checking account.


11 cuong

Would you receive the bonus for same family members such as spousals, children, or parents at the same address? Thanks.


12 Ryan

Yes, you can have multiple accounts at the same address and receive the bonus for each one.


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