Blockbuster Total Access – Free One Month Trial

by Ryan Guina

The competition is stiff between BlockBuster, Netflix, and other companies that specialize in providing movies for viewing at home. With the rise of RedBox, Hulu, Vudu, and other companies, BlockBuster has seen some big changes. That is why they now offer customers a discount to try their service. For a limited time, you can get two months for the price of one month – which is similar to their old one month free trial to Blockbuster Total Access!

Blockbuster Total Access – Two Months for the Price of One

blockbuster free trialThe Blockbuster Total Access plan allows you to select movies online and they will send them to you in the order you have them selected. One of the advantages of this plan over Netflix is that you can exchange or return your movies at any Blockbuster store for your convenience.

This free trial is only available to new customers, but you may be able to put the plan in a spouse’s name to get another trial if you have used Blockbuster Total Access before and have since canceled the service.

The best part is – you don’t need a coupon code to take advantage of this deal! Just visit Blockbuster, fill out the info, and make your selections. You can receive your first DVD in as few as two business days.

Note: As part of this offer, you agree to sign up for the first two months at half price and you can cancel at any time. The best part is – you can drop the movies off down the road at your local Blockbuster store. 🙂

Netflix or Blockbuster?

I wrote a full Blockbuster vs. Netflix review which outlines the pros and cons to each plan. But why not try them both?

You can learn more about this offer on our site, or (Start your Netflix FREE trial today!). As long as you cancel before the trial periods end, you won’t pay anything.

Blockbuster Total Access no longer offers the same free one month trial, but they do offer two months for the price of one, which is very close. Two months probably gives you a better idea of their service anyway. You can sign up for the BlockBuster offer here.

If you decide to cancel either offer, you can rest assured both Blockbuster and Netflix will send you coupons to try and keep your business. If you work it right, you can get free movies all summer! Here are more details for a one month !

UPDATE – GameFly has updated their services to include movie rentals.  You can now rent either movies or video games and there is a GameFly free trial offer now available for 30 days.

Note: This deal is subject to change at any time – so take advantage of it now!

Published or updated July 22, 2015.
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1 David Carter

Have you tried Netfilx, I would like to know how it compares. Like if one ships faster than another. I do like how u can drop it off at stores. I kind of wonder how that works.

2 Frugal Dad

That’s a pretty sweet deal! I used to have this service and enjoyed being able to drop off the movie in a store in exchange for another. I think they started limiting the number of times you can do that, but even by mail it only take a couple days to turn around a new movie.

Thanks for providing this – I think I’ll give it another try.

3 Ryan

David, I’ve never used Netflix, but I’ve read they are fairly comparable. Blockbuster Total Access has over 80,000 titles, so you should be able to find something good to watch! And returning the DVDs to local stores is a great convenience!

The way I look at it, you don’t have anything to lose by giving the free month trial a shot. 🙂

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