Baby Coupons, Free Samples, and Discounts

by Ryan Guina

My wife and I have been gearing up for our first child, who is still a couple months away from joining us in this world. We have already made our baby registry, and my wife will have her baby shower in a couple weeks. We’ve also been researching different baby websites and resources – there is a lot of great information out there! We’ve also been introduced to the world of baby coupons, which can be a great way to save money on essential baby items like diapers, formula, clothing, toys, magazines, and more. There are a ton of great sites out there,so I thought I’d share a few of them today.

Baby Coupons, Free Samples, and Discounts

Free Stuff For Parents at Babies is another great site that offers freebies, discounts, and more. They even offer parents a free webpage for the new addition to their family!

Here are some more examples of freebies offered on

  • Free Online Birth Announcements
  • Free Baby Coupons & Product Samples
  • Free Photo Prints
  • Free Baby Web Page
  • Babies Online Toolbar (for web surfing to find parenting sites and coupons)

Special offer from Babies Online: Click Here for a Free Subscription to Baby Talk Magazine!.

125125-0411-BlGr-glowIc - offers free samples, baby coupons, online discounts, , printable grocery coupons, travel offers, entertainment offers, and more.

FREE stuff for the coming baby! offers new parents an assortment of products and information. At BabytoBee you can receive gift vouchers, coupons, trial offers, free magazine subscriptions, diaper coupons and samples, and more. They also have a blog, parenting information, and many other helpful links. is similar to these other sites and offers trial offers, samples, coupons, and a lot of other great resources including a pregnancy calendar, pregnancy and birthing information, and other articles and resources.

Recommendations when signing up for free coupons

Protect your e-mail account. I always use a sign up for dedicated e-mail account for these free sites (you can get a free e-mail account from G-Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc). There are two main reasons – frequency of e-mails and to protect against spam. Some companies sell your information to other companies. I haven’t experienced that withΒ  these companies, but I try to err on the side of caution when giving out my information.

Be careful what you sign up for. Some companies offer a free trial offer, which then turns into a paid subscription. There are many free items on the websites mentioned in this article, but there are also some subscription offers. Always be sure to read the fine print before agreeing to anything.

Do you have any other baby sites to recommend?

Published or updated January 23, 2012.
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1 c

Congratulations!.. I like The site (if you choose to subscribe to the emails) emails information on weekly (both pregnancy and baby) milestone updates.. It is always fun for me to see what my child is supposed to be doing during a given week. They also have various forums, coupons etc.


2 Ryan

Thanks, C. We’ll be sure to check that site out! πŸ™‚


3 Michelle

No suggestions, just a request? If you and your family choose to breastfeed or if you start receiving formula coupons you won’t use, please consider donating the coupons (which can be significant since formula is so expensive) to your local women’s shelter or other appropriate charity? I breastfed and offered up coupons for free on craigslist the first month and got HATE email from those trying to sell the coupons on the board. Learned my lesson & just took them to the shelter – which always needs this kind of donation (sadly, lots of moms & infants are always in residency)…Congrats, good luck with your family addition & THANKS for the opportunity to comment on a subject that’s important to me!


4 Ryan

Michelle: That is a wonderful idea. We are planning on breastfeeding, so hopefully we won’t need the coupons and can pass them along. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚


5 Kristy

We just welcomed our little girl into the world three weeks ago, but started doing research (like you!) well before she arrived. Here are a few of my favorite sites / programs.

1). BabyCheapskate – It’s full of daily posts about ways to save on all things baby. Some posts are for ridiculous $700 strollers on sale for $499 but she also documents all the ‘stockupportunities’ for baby necessities such as diapers (Huggies, Luvs, Pampers, and some store brands), formula, clothing, etc. That could include coupons, special store savings, or BOGOs.

2). Babies R Us Rewards card – I know, I know… another way for a company to track your spending. We signed up for the Rewards card when we started our registry and ended up getting $90 back that we used to purchase our baby monitor. It works out to be $5 for every $50 you spend, but they include the items people buy for you off your registry. Plus, if you buy your diapers and formula there you can get a free box or carton when you buy X amounts.

Just a quick note… we had originally planned on exclusively breastfeeding as well due to the health and financial benefits. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for us. Using the coupons and free samples of formula have been lifesavers in these first few weeks where we didn’t budget for those expenses. One container of formula can be anywhere between $21 and $26 a *week.* Hold on to those coupons and samples until you’re absolutely certain you won’t need them to avoid blowing your budget. On the bright side, we live in Columbus, OH where the parent company that manufactures Similac is based and a friend of ours is now getting us formula at cost. I’ve also read quite a few articles comparing name brand formulas and Costco (Kirkland) formula.

One other thing – we got our hospital bill today and were astounded that it was over $35,000 for an emergency c-section and a 5 day stay. Depending on your insurance and when your baby is due, you may want to increase the amount of $$ you’re putting into your Flexible Spending Account. I ballparked $1,800 for her birth and our portion is going to be around $1,817. If your baby is due after January 1st, crank up your FSA deductions in 2010. We also learned that we could increase our FSA deductions within 30 days of her birth since it was technically a ‘Life Changing Event.’ (Ha! How true that is!).

Let me know if you have any questions or want to know how having a baby can completely hammer your budget to smithereens πŸ™‚


6 JR Teare

I would like to add to these great comments. I found a great free website that offers many baby coupons as well as many other types of grocery coupons. I like this site because it has information on where to donate excess coupons that I do not need, even those that are expired. The site is called It is a great community service driven website. I hope others can benefit by it as well. Please check it out!


7 Kathy

There are so many freebies to be had when you having baby. A lot of stores give free gifts when you do your baby registry. Some companies give a free gift when you register for their products. If you have time to look you can find a bunch online.


8 Sarah

Hey! Just had a little Girl, shes perfect, of course =)
We also thought we would breastfeed, but my milk never came in. Just thought i would mention that after tons of research, Target has the lest expensive formula, cheaper even then Costco and Sams. Its only 18 bucks for the 2lb tub. (that is for the pre digested stuff. they regular formula is even less)
For those of you that dont want to use store brand, there is new info out there to show that store brands are just the same as name brands. The contents are strictly regulated!


9 Ryan

Thanks for sharing, Sarah! πŸ™‚


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