Credit Card and ATM Scams

by Ryan Guina

Credit Cards and ATM cards are two of the most convenient tools used for everyday monetary transactions. In fact, I use my credit card more often than I use cash – I just make sure pay it off in full every month!

Unfortunately, there are always those who are looking for a free ride. These You Tube videos will show you a few scams to watch out for. (If you are reading via a feedreader, you may have to click through to view the videos).

How to Avoid Credit Card and ATM Scams

Skimming on an ATM Machine (5 minutes)

Waitress Card Cloning (5 minutes)

Another restaurant skimming (3 minutes)

The Worst ATM Scam (2 minutes)

Hopefully these videos will help you avoid getting scammed – especially that last one!

Published or updated May 18, 2009.
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1 DDFD at DivorcedDadFrugalDad

Thanks for sharing– knowledge is power and protection.


2 Kristen

Good warnings! Unfortunately everyone has to be really aware of scammers these days. When it comes to using ATMs, I never use one that isn’t affiliated with my bank, and mostly they are ATMs right outside of my bank. I’m very skeptical of the random machines that you find in convenience stores and in parking lots. Not to mention the fact that even if those random machines aren’t scams, they charge you an arm and a leg to withdraw your money.


3 Craig

Thanks for the videos, I always get a little nervous at the ATM machine. I never know if anyone is looking on or if I accidentally forget to close out after.


4 Ryan

Craig: I always cover the numbers when I input my PIN. That way if there is a skimmer it will be more difficult to get my PIN. I rarely use ATMs anyway. I prefer to use my credit card for most purchases, and rarely use cash.



I, like Craig, always am nervous about using my cards.

I scrutinize my bills like woah, though. Haha ๐Ÿ™‚


6 NatalieMac

I was a victim of a scam like this – the police figured that it likely happened at a gas station when I used my ATM card to pay at the pump and the pump was fitted with a skimmer. The crooks used an ATM from another bank across town to withdraw $500 out of my account on two consecutive days – a total of $1000!!!

ATM cards do not have the same fraud protection as credit cards, and should never be used to pay at restaurants or to pay at the pump at gas stations. If you must use your ATM or debit card to pay for gas, go inside and pay the cashier directly. And use cash or a regular credit card to pay at restaurants.


7 Ryan

Very sorry to hear about that NatalieMac. And thanks for sharing!

Oh, and I agree about the consumer protections that the credit cards offer. I used to use my debit card almost exclusively, but I use it once or twice a year now – usually as an ATM card or to get cash back on a purchase if I need cash (to save on ATM fee


8 Ryan P Smith


That is really eye opening.

Looking back I have ran my card through many of a shady gas station ATM on road trips.


9 Ryan

Ryan: I pretty much only use ATMs at banks and stores like Wal-Mart nowadays, or I withdraw cash from my bank. And I use my credit card almost exclusively for purchases. CCs offer better consumer protection.


10 Curious Cat Investing Blog

Thanks for the tips. It is sad we have so many people that insist on putting their efforts into taking from society instead of putting effort into providing value and getting rewarded for doing so. It is also sad that I am not sure who you need to be more fearful of the illegal scammers or your bank. I would not be surprised if banks costs consumers more with unfair and deceptive practices that thieves do.


11 ChristianPF

thanks for the laugh with the last one – I always get a kick out of things like that – why is it so funny when people get freaked out? ๐Ÿ˜‰


12 Craig

@Ryan I need to cover my pin and transaction more when at the ATM. I always use it to take out money for the week, it’s easiest and there are ATM’s for my bank all over the place so I don’t have to worry about fees.



I just found out today $500 was taken from my checking account via ATM fraud. Never thought it would happen to me. Pls everyone, be careful, and learn from this article and by story.


14 bella

this happend to me the other day,the investigations team from my bank rang me someone has used over $700.00 of my money from my visa debit card in canada,im in australia.The bank is not sure how they got my card number but i bet u its the atm skimmer.They tried multiple times everyday to ake money out from my card abd they finally succeeded.i have to woit up to 6 weeks to get my money back.please check your statements.


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