Credit Cards with Low Interest Rates

by Michael October 9, 2010

As much as we’d love to pay all of our credit card balances in full, sometimes that’s just not possible.  Credit cards offer purchase protection on large purchases and finding a credit card with a low interest rate is a necessity if you choose to finance a purchase with a credit card.  Some cards can […]

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Fetured Student Credit Cards

by Michael October 2, 2010

Advertising Disclosure. Teaching young adults about credit cards is a very necessary thing to do because mistakes made with a student credit card pale in comparison to the mistakes possible when you’re an established professional. For one, the credit limit is much lower on a student credit card, making the possible debt load less. Then, […]

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Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card – $400 Cash or $500 Travel

by Michael August 24, 2010

In terms of credit card sign-up bonuses, the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is as good as it gets.  This travel credit card features 40,000 bonus points are earned after a new cardholder has spent $3,000 within the first three months and those points can be redeemed for a variety of things.  Most notably, $400 cash […]

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Why magicJack is AWESOME

by Michael June 29, 2010

With the continued improvements made in technology it seems the better something becomes, the more expensive it becomes. Rightfully so. I suppose as it takes millions of dollars in research and trials before something is “ready to use” but sometimes, we’re lucky enough to see technology advance us and allow us to save money at […]

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Great Financial Gift Ideas For Children

by Michael February 11, 2010

No matter how old you are, getting a gift is always an enjoyable time. That is of course if it’s a good gift. When buying for kids, you usually go down one of two routes. The first route is buying toys, which will make you the favorite uncle, brother, father or pretty much favorite anything. […]

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