Personal Finances and the American Dream

The American Dream of a White Picket Fence

For generations, the way most Americans defined success was a singular, mythic dream that included having a high-paying job, buying a home, driving a fancy car, and having a family. While that traditional American Dream isn’t dead, a recent study by MetLife reveals that our mindset has evolved into something much more complex. I’ll tell […]

6 Tips to Stay Safe from Cyber Crime

Prevet cyber crime

If you enjoy shopping online, you can get some great deals, save time, and avoid frenzied crowds during the holidays. However, making purchases with the convenience of an Internet connection isn’t without risks. If someone steals your debit or credit card number, they can go on a shopping spree until you wise up, report the […]

10 IRA Rules Everyone Should Know

IRA Rules everyone should know

A common question I receive from Money Girl podcast listeners is about how to handle money in an IRA or Individual Retirement Arrangement. Judy wants to know: Is it possible to loan money from my traditional IRA to my sister so she can buy a home? Keep reading and I’ll give you the answer to […]

Can Authorized Users on Credit Cards Build Credit?

A common question I get from Money Girl podcast listeners is about managing credit. Lately, it seems like many people are ready to pull the trigger on buying a home, but they’re getting rejected for a mortgage because their credit is too low. Or their credit score is preventing them from getting approved for a […]

Pros and Cons of Investing in Mutual Funds

Investing in Mutual Funds

I’m sure you’ve heard of mutual funds—they’re a staple in the investing world. But do you understand how they work? I’ll lay out the pros and cons of investing in mutual funds so you know whether they’re a good investment for you. What Are Mutual Funds? Mutual funds are professionally managed investments which combine money […]

Money-Saving Home Office Tax Deductions

Home Office

As more people enjoy the benefits of working from home on either a full- or part-time basis, it’s important to understand what money-saving tax deductions are available. Keep reading and we’ll cover who can claim a home office, the basic requirements, and which expenses are deductible. Who Can Claim a Home Office? No matter if […]