Kevin Mulligan

Health Reimbursement Account Benefits – What You Need to Know

by Kevin Mulligan August 15, 2013

The healthcare and health insurance industries are a messy alphabet soup in terms of coverages, premiums, and types of accounts. We’ve compared HSAs to FSAs in the past; many employers provide these accounts on a national basis. However, there is another type of healthcare account that employers can provide that many people have not heard […]

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Types of Insurance Homeowners Need

by Kevin Mulligan August 9, 2013

Compared to renting, owning a home can be a great thing. You can paint whatever colors you want (unless your homeowners association says otherwise) and you get to decide what the landscaping looks like. Yet owning a piece of property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars is a big financial risk, too. That’s why you […]

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How to Repair Your Credit After Bankruptcy

by Kevin Mulligan June 26, 2013

Despite your best intentions you just couldn’t make all the payments work. The creditors wouldn’t work with you and you had to declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is an emotional process and a stressful time. Collection agencies are probably calling you, your workplace, and anywhere else they can find you. But once it is final your dischargeable debts are […]

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What Happens to Credit Card Rewards When You Die?

by Kevin Mulligan June 18, 2013

If you are like me you’ve spent a chunk of your time over the last several years earning big sign up bonuses from credit card companies. I’ve got hundreds of thousands of airline miles, hotel points, and bank rewards like AMEX’s Membership Rewards. I fully intend to use those miles for a lot of travel […]

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How Much Should You Save for Retirement Each Month?

by Kevin Mulligan June 12, 2013

It seems like such a daunting task. The mountain climb to the summit of retirement is quite the hike with many obstacles that can send you tumbling down the trail. Knowing you might need to save $1 million, $5 million or maybe even more than that when you factor in inflation can make retirement saving […]

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10 Apps for Saving Money on Groceries

by Kevin Mulligan May 29, 2013

Gone are the days of needing to carry around a pen and paper to track your grocery store list. Thanks to smartphones we can now build our lists throughout the week as we remember something we need to buy, drop it into an app, and have it set as a reminder when we go to […]

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PayPal vs. Dwolla: Which is Right for You?

by Kevin Mulligan May 1, 2013

PayPal is one of the largest financial transaction tools available online. Boasting over 128 million accounts and exchanging payments in 25 currencies, PayPal is a dominate leader in online commerce. Of course everyone loves to hate PayPal, too. The company has had its fair share of negative press: from high costs for users to incompetent […]

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