John Schroeder

5 Advantages to Using Automatic Investment Plans

by John Schroeder February 28, 2014

Automatic investments may not be for every investor but they sure have helped me build my portfolio over the past couple of years. While I still make lump sum investments from time to time, automatic investments play a large role in building my portfolio of dividend stocks. There are several advantages to using these types […]

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5 Awesome Free Exercises that Will Help You Get in Shape

by John Schroeder February 14, 2014

Who says you need an expensive gym membership to get in shape. Exercising does not need to cost a lot of money or take a bunch of your time. Getting fit doesn’t even require any exercise equipment and can easily be done in your home. If you are looking to save some money on gym […]

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How to Give Yourself a Raise Every Year

by John Schroeder February 5, 2014

How much of a pay raise did your employer give you last year? I personally did not receive any kind of raise, bonus, or cost of living increase from my full-time job last year. I have actually only received a small cost of living increase once from my employer in the past 4 years! To […]

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How to Invest in Dividend Stocks for as Little as $10

by John Schroeder January 13, 2014

Believe it or not, investing in dividend stocks does not take a huge initial investment to start. I use to think that it took thousands and thousands of dollars to get started in the stock market. While most methods for accumulating stock (i.e. online broker) require larger sums of money to get started, there are […]

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3 Ways to Save Money on Investing in Dividend Stocks

by John Schroeder July 21, 2011

Building a portfolio of dividend stocks is one of the best ways to build personal wealth, not to mention a steady income stream. One of the biggest concerns to dividend investors, besides which stocks to pick, is the fees and commissions involved in building a stock portfolio. While online discount brokers have made it cheaper […]

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Why Dividend Growth is More Important than Dividend Yield

by John Schroeder July 11, 2011

One of the first things most investors look for in a dividend stock is the current yield. You will commonly hear things like “… stock XYZ is yielding over 6% … or “… stock ABC has a higher yield than its peers …”. While there is no doubt the dividend yield can be a useful […]

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Disadvantages of Direct Stock Purchase Plans

by John Schroeder June 28, 2011

One alternative to using an online discount broker to purchase stocks is by investing directly with the publicly traded company. Many companies offer direct stock purchase plans (DSPP) offering a low cost way to invest in their organization. These plans are generally set up directly with the company or are administered through a third party […]

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