Finding Uncommon Discounts

by Contributor May 19, 2011

No matter what the condition of our nation’s economy or my individual finances, I always look for easy ways to save money. It’s like second nature for me, and uncovering even a small discount usually means I’m much happier with my purchase. Many retailers maintain some sort of “savings center” where they dangle money saving […]

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What It Takes to Set Up a Roth IRA

by Contributor March 29, 2011

Once you make the decision as to how you will save toward retirement, you still have several steps to complete before savings can begin. Choosing a Roth IRA as an investment vehicle will offer substantial tax advantages on investments. But how do you decide where to open a Roth IRA or what investments should make […]

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7 Steps to Negotiating Your Medical and Dental Bills

by Contributor March 10, 2011

Before I started teaching people how to earn more money, I was working in a medical practice. Doing the cool stuff like helping in the operating room during 30 surgeries and analyzing x-rays for spinal patients was fun, but the most useful skills I picked up where in the billing department. That’s because I learned […]

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Interview Question: Why Did You Leave Your Former Job?

by Contributor November 29, 2010

This is a guest post from Ron Haynes, editor of The Wisdom Journal and author of a new eBook, The Inner View of Your Interview, exposing the motivations behind today’s top 100 job interview questions. Ron has been interviewing people for various positions for over two decades and uses his new eBook to give job […]

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4 People You Should Never Hire

by Contributor November 17, 2010

There are many people you can hire to make your life a little easier.  These people have successful businesses because people operate on the assumption that they just don’t have enough time to do certain tasks.  The truth is, you don’t need to hire these people because you do have enough time to take care […]

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Asking for a Raise in This Economy? Absolutely.

by Contributor November 2, 2010

It’s been a rough couple of years for workers. First the market crashed, taking our retirement savings with it. Then, companies told us that in a down economy, they were firing some of us and freezing pay of the rest. In some cases, we’re doing twice as much work and yet for many of us, […]

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Protect Your Investments: Work with Bonded Professionals

by Contributor October 28, 2010

When you’re working to get your financial ducks in a row, the last thing you want to worry about is whether those you are working with will take advantage of you. Knowing that you’re working with reputable and reliable professionals can relieve the stress of the unknown-especially when considering your finances. Surety bonds can help […]

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