3 Hiring and Recruitment Changes You Need to Know About

by Contributor December 13, 2013

Thanks to technology, the economy, and rising costs, hiring and recruitment are changing. The old realities of looking for a job are fading away. You need to adapt to the changing job market, or you could find yourself passed over for positions that you want. Here are 3 hiring and recruitment changes that you need […]

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The Seven (Non Secret) Steps to Real Estate Investing Success

by Contributor April 4, 2013

Are you tired of “secrets?” “The secret to beautiful skin.” “The secret to finding love.” “The secret to building wealth.” Every advertisement today seems to promote some “secret” that the advertiser seems to know but wants you to pay for. The real estate investing world is no different. Many real estate internet marketers want to […]

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A Bitter Cup of Coffee – How MLB Shortchanged George Yankowski and Hundreds of Baseball Veterans

by Contributor December 11, 2012

This is a guest article by Douglas Gladstone, author of the critically-acclaimed book, A Bitter Cup of Coffee, How MLB and the Players Association Threw 874 Retirees a Curve. In his book, Douglas shares the story of Major League Baseball’s labor agreements and pension system, and how hundreds MLB veterans fell through the cracks. The […]

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Prepare for the End of Your Student Loan Grace Period

by Contributor August 20, 2012

Graduating from college is an enormous transition, and between final exams, job searches, graduation parties, and goodbyes, understanding the details of your student loan repayment might get lost in the shuffle. Even though you have already sat through your required student loan exit counseling seminar, you may still feel confused and overwhelmed about the fact […]

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Job Hunting Advice from a Recruiter

by Contributor March 19, 2012

The job market is improving, but it is still extremely competitive. If you are unemployed the best thing to do is stay busy doing all you can to make yourself stand out above the rest. If you are putting 100% of your energy into your job search, it will seem as though looking for a […]

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How to Avoid Credit Card Problems While Traveling

by Contributor July 28, 2011

Nothing can turn a dream vacation into a nightmare quicker than experiencing money problems while you are away from home. While certain circumstances will always be beyond your control, here are some precautions you can take that will make managing your vacation finances a breeze: Avoid Credit Card Problems While Traveling 1. If you are […]

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Finding Uncommon Discounts

by Contributor May 19, 2011

No matter what the condition of our nation’s economy or my individual finances, I always look for easy ways to save money. It’s like second nature for me, and uncovering even a small discount usually means I’m much happier with my purchase. Many retailers maintain some sort of “savings center” where they dangle money saving […]

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