How to Save Money for a Car You’ll Love

New Car

For many Americans, it may seem as though living with a car payment is the only way to ensure that you have safe, reliable transportation. But you can save money and pay cash for a car you’ll love — and continue to remain debt-free. Here are some strategies for both finding an inexpensive, reliable car […]

The Real Cost of Fast Food

Fast Food French Fries

When I first got out on my own, I’d often stash my change in the ashtray of my car. That way, if I needed a quick meal the day before payday, I could find enough quarters and dimes to go to McDonald’s or Taco Bell. After all, one of the real benefits of fast food […]

15 Cheap Ways to Treat Yourself


One thing people often get wrong about frugality is thinking that it will be a long slog of painful denial. Since you’re attempting to spend less money, that means all luxuries are off the table. There are two problems with this way of thinking: First, if you believe that frugality is a painful struggle, then […]

How to Acquire Baby Clothes for Less


One of the joys of impending parenthood is getting to stroll through the baby clothing aisle of your local department store, exclaiming over and over how cute and tiny each outfit is. Unfortunately, that joy is short-lived once you reach for the price tag. While baby clothes are certainly cheaper than their adult counterparts, they […]

Financial Tips for Unmarried Couples

financial tips for unmarried couples

According to census data, 7.5 million unmarried couples were living together in 2010. While many of the relationships between these unmarried partners do not last or lead to marriage, it is becoming more and more common to see couples who are simply opting out of marriage, while keeping all the other trappings of a committed […]

Divorce and Social Security Benefits

divorce social security benefits

When a marriage dissolves, it can leave one or both spouses scrambling to find their financial footing, particularly when it comes to retirement planning. Retirement can be a particularly difficult prospect for a divorcing spouse who stayed home with children or otherwise sacrificed a career during the marriage. However, what many divorcées may not realize […]