What the Human Body Can Teach About Personal Finance

Are you financially healthy? Most people have an idea of where they want to be financially.  However, the money never seems to be enough and the bills tend to be too much.  After struggling with debt we wonder if we are financially healthy. 8 Principles of Health and Applied to Financial Health The book Healthy […]

What Should You Do With Unwanted Christmas Gifts

And you thought buying Christmas presents was hard.  How about this challenge – what do you do with a Christmas gift you don’t want? First, I hope you were able to grit your teeth, form a fake smile and manage at least a pleasant ‘thank you’ when you opened the gift. Should You Keep The […]

6 Advantages of Renting Instead of Buying Your Home

We live in a financial world where renters are looked down upon by their ‘superior’ house-owning friends. They scoff, “You’re throwing your money away.” They brag, “My house is worth $5,000 more than I paid for it.” They exhort, “You really need to get into real estate.  That’s where the money is.” Unfortunately, before long […]