Mastering the Art of Guilt-Free Shopping


Spending money is easy. Spending money without guilt is hard. If our budgets were boats we would all have a few leaky holes. The leaky holes represent budget categories where we tend to spend excessively and unintentionally. The intent of a budget is not simply to tell you not to spend, but to help you spend your […]

Why Do Millionaires Budget?

In the book The Millionaire Next Door, the authors, Thomas Stanley and William Danko, share the results of their research and interviews with millionaires.  Ultimately, they seek to identify the habits, traits, and characteristics of millionaires.  Essentially, the book serves to correct many false assumptions regarding the lifestyle of the rich. Stanley and Danko ask […]

How To Successfully Work From Home

There are two major categories of people who work from home. First, there are the employed who are either full time or part time working from their own home.  Many companies are starting to allow workers to work from home one or more days a week. Second, there are the self-employed who own their own […]

Emergency Fund Savings: Money Market Or Savings Account?

Should you keep your money in a money market or savings account?

If you have a personal finance book on your shelf at home, there is a good chance that the author recommends you put your emergency fund savings into a money market account.  Historically, that was good advice as money market accounts have offered higher interest rates than either savings accounts or checking accounts. However, for […]

10 Home Office Money Saving Ideas

Sometimes after spending the day at the office we come home and spend money on our office like someone else is going to pick up the bill. However, the cost of maintaining a home office will be paid by your personal budget. As a result, cutting costs in your home office is a great idea. […]