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Beginner Investing Strategies – How to Define Your Investment Goals and Start Investing!

by Ryan Guina January 19, 2017

Investors today have more investment options than were available to the average investor just a few decades ago. While having multiple options is usually a good thing, too many options can cause system overload and lead many people to avoid making decisions. Investing is a broad topic that often seems intimidating to people who are […]

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How to File Your Federal Tax Return Online For Free

by Ryan Guina January 19, 2017

Filing taxes is never fun. But every year the process gets a little easier, even though the tax code tends to get a little more complicated each year. It seems like a paradox that filing your tax return gets easier, but it’s true if you use one of the top tax software programs (more on […]

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When Will I Get My Tax Refund? 2016 Tax Year Refund Schedule

by Ryan Guina January 17, 2017

If you file your taxes with the IRS EFile, or with an tax software program that files your taxes online for you, then you are in luck – you will generally receive your tax refund much more quickly than if you file your taxes by mail. The reason is that electronic tax returns are easier […]

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Do You Leave Your Christmas Lights On All Night? How You Can Save Money on Your Christmas Light Display

by Ryan Guina November 30, 2016

Several year ago I was leaving for work in the morning and noticed I had left my Christmas lights on all night. It was still dark out when I left for work, so there was no missing the lights. I stopped my car and turned off the lights right away. We only had a medium […]

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Shopping Responsibly on Black Friday

by Ryan Guina November 23, 2016

Black Friday is right around the corner, which means lots of crowds and big savings. Now is the time to start planning – not necessarily for the deals you will seek, but how to shop responsibly. But for me, I will be at home, spending some well-earned time off with my family. I’m well aware […]

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2016 Veterans Day Free Meals, Discounts, & Events

by Ryan Guina November 7, 2016

Veterans Day is a day to remember and thank military members for their service in the armed forces. As a military veteran, it always humbles me to see the thanks given by so many people on Veterans Day. Though none of us served for recognition, it is nice (and humbling) to be thanked for your […]

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How Many Retirement Accounts Can You Have?

by Ryan Guina October 26, 2016

How many retirement accounts can you have? Earlier this week a reader asked me this same question, and I promised a response. The specific question regarded owning both Traditional and Roth IRAs, and whether or not having an employee sponsored 401(k) plan would affect her eligibility for those accounts. The answer is yes, you can […]

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