10 Apps for Saving Money on Groceries

by Kevin Mulligan

Gone are the days of needing to carry around a pen and paper to track your grocery store list. Thanks to smartphones we can now build our lists throughout the week as we remember something we need to buy, drop it into an app, and have it set as a reminder when we go to the grocery store.

iPhone Apps

How do you manage grocery lists on your smartphone?

There are many grocery list apps available for iPhone and Android products. Here are some of the better ones you can use to save money on groceries.

Free Apps to Save Money on Groceries for iPhone and iPad

Free apps may come with ads but will save you a few bucks on buying the app itself. These apps are all free, work on the iOS platform, and work well.

Grocery IQ (Free)

Grocery iQGrocery iQ is a popular app for both iPhone and iPad. In it you can do the typical expected tasks such as building a list, tagging items as favorites, and accessing history. The app also lets you sync your data with other users so if your roommate or family member is stopping at the store they can pick up your items on the way. The app also provides access to coupons that you can print or add directly to your loyalty card. The app is developed by the team behind Coupons.com.

Card Star (Free)

CardStarCard Star is a really neat app that lets you take all of those annoying little key ring store reward cards and puts them into your smartphone. Additionally you can add coupons directly in the app, so no need to print them. You can also passcode lock your rewards and coupons.

Pushpins Grocery Coupons & Lists (Free)

Pushpins Grocery Coupons & ListsPushpins has many of the same features of the other apps with an interesting addition: you can look at the weekly circular advertisement sheets for your local stores right on your phone. No need to clip out the coupons are carry around several ads from different stores.

Snip Snap (Free)

SnipSnap Coupon AppSnip Snap is another well regarded app that let’s you simply take a picture of a coupon instead of clipping it out with scissors. The coupon is then converted into a mobile offer that you can redeem straight off of your smartphone.

Free Apps to Save Money on Groceries for Android

We didn’t find as many great free apps on Android, but here’s one to consider.

To Market (Free)

ToMarket Grocery Shopping FreeTo Market is a similar application to those listed under the free section for iOS devices: you can create multiple lists, scan in items with your smartphone camera using the barcode scanner, and grab coupons. The app also gives you reminders about items on certain dates and lets you also create a gift list. The only downside is you can only add 50 items before you have to upgrade to the paid version of the app.

Paid Apps to Save Money on Groceries for iOS

There are several paid apps to save money on your next grocery trip for iPhone. Here are two we liked:

Shopping List ($2.99)

Shopping List (Grocery List)Shopping List is a pretty simple looking app. You can calculate the total from your list including tax, add notes to items, and share your list via email. It’s a slick design without ads since it is a paid app. Simplicity is nice, but it certainly isn’t for everyone.

Grocery Gadget ($3.99)

Grocery Gadget Shopping ListAnother solid contender is Grocery Gadget. You can compare prices across stores, use the Grocery Gadget website to enter your lists in faster, scan in barcodes of items you are wanting to buy, and store photos so you never bring home the wrong item.

Paid Apps to Save Money on Groceries for Android

And last, but not least, here are three paid apps we liked on Android.

Out of Milk Pro ($1.99)

Grocery Gadget Shopping ListOut of Milk lets you create a list just like the other apps. One of the interesting features is there is a pantry section, so you can track what is currently in your pantry. This can help you when you have a meal plan but can’t remember if you need to buy that extra item for the recipe.

Our Groceries ($4.99)

Our Groceries Shopping ListOur Groceries is a bit of a pricey app at $5. You can sync lists with other users, and even see items being marked off the list in real time as they shop. This can come in handy if you need to add something to the list quickly; there is little delay in syncing up devices.

Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper ($8.95)

Grocery Smarts Coupon ShopperGrocery Smarts Coupon Shopper is for the hardcore coupon cutter. We’re talking about the people who routinely get $200 worth of items for $3.16 by utilizing the coupons in the Sunday paper mixed with the weekly deals available at CVS, Walgreens, and the like. While nearly $9 is a steep price to pay, the app constantly keeps you updated on all the circular ads for the major stores where you can max out coupons. For the extreme frugalist, this is a great app.

What are some grocery apps you love? Leave a comment!

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Published or updated May 28, 2013.
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1 Jake Erickson

This is a great list. My wife just recently found the Grocery IQ app so we’re just learning how to use this one. It seems like any of those apps that can store your coupons would be great if they were easy to use. I’ll have to try a few out.


2 Kurt @ Money Counselor

I’ve tried none of these, but I’m excited by the prospects. Guess I’ll have to get a smartphone first. 🙂


3 KC @ genxfinance

These are really convenient apps for grocery shopping. I’m going to download some of these now. Thanks for sharing them.


4 Stephanie

Here’s a few I love:
Ibotta- buy item, scan receipt and barcode, get paid
Endorse- similar to ibotta except it encourages buying multiples of the same item and you can get paid for buying store brands and fast food.
Weekly ads- all my store ads in one place, coupons, and a search feature which is great when I want to price match.


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