7 Things To Consider When Moving Offices

by Jeff Rose, CPA

At the beginning of the year, after being in our temporary office for all of 2007, we had the pleasure of moving to a beautiful brand new office. I’ve had the pleasure of moving apartments several times while I was in college, but moving an office is an entirely different experience. There are many things that you have to plan ahead for to make sure that your day to day operations are not affected by the big move. Here are seven things to help you prepare if you’re ever looking to move offices in the near future.

1. Line up the movers.

Tips for moving offices

You need a plan to keep things running smoothly!

Having five completely furnished offices and not having any type of large moving truck to get going, we knew that we were in for a treat trying to get everything moved over in one piece. We were lucky enough to strike a deal with the business that we order most of our office supplies through and secured two movers and a box truck to get going. The rate was very very affordable and better yet, these guys were professionals, so they were able to move all of our stuff in a timely fashion without any scrapes or major catastrophes for any of the furniture.

2. Call the phone company ASAP.

Since our business is pretty imperative to have an open line of communication with our clients, and we knew that once we moved, we wanted to make sure that it was a seamless process where we could pick up right where we left off without missing a beat. By calling the phone company two months in advance, we were able to set up the exact dates that the move was going to happen. This is very imperative, especially if you have a business that is very customer oriented. You don’t want to miss that potential phone call that could end up going to the competitor down the street.

3. Don’t forget about the DSL.

In our case, our phone service was a different provider than our Internet service. Just like our phone service, our DSL is very very imperative to our day to day operations. We were able to call the Internet service provider two months prior as well to make sure that everything would be a seamless transfer.

4. You’ve got mail.

Whenever moving offices, you can’t forget about having your mail redirected to the new address. One thing that we were told by the post office is that if we had changed our address then the mail will be redirected to the regional office which would be in St. Louis. This then would have our mail delayed anywhere from three to four business days. We knew that if the mail was redirected up the regional office that it would cause a delay in our day to day operations. We instead opted to keep the mail going to our old location since our location was a temporary office building that would still have a receptionist to receive our mail. We then just had all our records and updated to the new address and continued to pick up our mail at the old location for the first month. This was to ensure that we would keep all our mail coming and not miss out on anything.

5. Plan for additional needs.

Moving into an office there is always the little things that you don’t think of that you need until you actually move in. At our old office we didn’t have to have furniture for a waiting room, conference room, bathroom, etc since it was a shared office space. With the new office we had to furnish these on our own. We knew it was imperative to set aside money to take care of any unexpected expenses that we would incur with the new office.

6. Don’t forget to tell your customers.

Similar to the “Save the Date” reminder cards that many soon to be newlyweds will send out prior to actually sending out their wedding invitations, we sent out two letters letting our clients know of the move. The first was just giving the heads up that the move was getting ready to happen and the second letter was letting them know that the move was official and we were now in our new building. We wanted to make sure that we gave enough of a heads up so that they were not in the dark by our new move.

7. Make the announcement.

When it comes to your business you want to make sure that customers know how to find you . Once you are in your new office and things are settled in, it is time to let people know where you are at. Send a letter out to prospects. Do press releases in your local newspaper and inform all your networking channels and media outlets about your new location. That way business will continue on as planned and you will be able to enjoy your new office.

Have you moved offices recently? What was your experience?

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Published or updated October 5, 2012.
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