7 Mobile Apps for Use on Your Next Road Trip

by Miranda Marquit

One of my favorite summer traditions is the road trip. A good, moderately priced road trip requires planning and foresight. The good news is that you can get help with your efforts if you have a mobile device. You can bring your mobile device along to provide you with directions, and to help you explore the local area. If you are looking for some helpful apps, here are 7 mobile apps that can help you on your next road trip:

1. GPS App

Mobile Travel Apps

Which mobile travel apps do you use?

You should have some sort of a GPS app for your mobile device. There are a number of free GPS apps for iPhone, as well as GPS apps for Android. When you have a GPS app, you can get the directions you need to make it to your destination, as well as find ways to avoid bad traffic in some cases. These apps can be quite useful as your trip progresses.

2. Road Trip/Travel Planner App

Consider getting a road trip or travel planner app. An app that can help you map out your course, as well as track your progress and find hotels and other amenities along the way, can make things easier. TripIt is a great app that can be used on different devices, and can even help you meet up with friends along the way. There are also other great planner apps that can help you along your way.

3. Urbanspoon

One of my favorite mobile apps is Urbanspoon. No matter where you are, you can find food to fit your mood and your pocketbook. Choose a cuisine and a price range, and you’re off. You can even get directions to the restaurant from wherever you are. A great way to find new foods to try as part of your adventure.

4. GasBuddy

Looking for the best gas prices? GasBuddy can help. Enter your location, and you can get directions to the lowest priced gas in the area. No matter where you drive to, you can access the best gas prices — and save your money for souvenirs. Be sure to use your gas rewards credit cards for additional savings.

5. Weather App

Another great idea is to get a wealth app to help you along. There are a number of weather apps that can be helpful, but I really like the mobile weather app options from The Weather Channel. Get weather alerts for where you are — and where you are going. A great way to save time, and perhaps change your itinerary to meet the challenges of weather.

6. Trapster

Want to know where the speed traps are? You can find out where you are likely to get nabbed with Trapster, and then slow down to avoid an expensive ticket. This app is available for a wide variety of mobile devices.

7. Twitpic

It’s not exactly an app, but it’s a great way to share photos from your road trip with your friends. Make sure you get a Twitter client to go with your Twitpic, since you will need a Twitter app to make Twitpic work. It’s a great way to share your adventures with your loved ones.

Do you have a favorite app for use on a road trip?

photo credit: MSVG.

Published or updated July 22, 2011.
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