$25 Sign-up Bonus from Lending Club

by Ryan Guina

Lending Club, the peer to peer (P2P) lending company, is currently offering new lenders a $25 bonus for opening a new Lending Club account. I have written about P2P lending several times on my site, and I think it is a great alternative to get financing if you are in need of a loan, and it can be a unique investment opportunity for lenders.

The growing P2P lending industry

The P2P lending industry is still in the growing stages and right now the P2P lending companies are working hard to introduce new lenders and borrowers to the concept of lending money to their peers. With the current credit crisis, borrowing money from individuals instead of banks makes a lot of sense for people looking for loans.ย  And while P2P loans are not guaranteed, lending money can be a good investment compared to putting money into a high yield savings account or CD ladder.

Get paid to try P2P lending with Lending Club

Try it Now! Join Lending Club.Lending Club is currently the P2P industry leader and they are continuing to grow. To speed that process, they are giving new lenders a $25 bonus to sign up for a Lending Club account, which is enough to fund your first loan with Lending Club. But here is an important note – the $25 bonus is only available through certain sites, and this is one of them!

How to get a $25 Lending club sign up bonus:

It’s that easy! Your $25 bonus will be enough for you to fund your first loan with Lending Club, or if you decide not to fund a P2P loan through Lending Club, you can withdraw the contents of your account.

Published or updated April 21, 2012.
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1 Steve

I signed up for LendingClub for the $25 bonus only to find that I am now capable of referring people for a $50 bonus. Boy do I feel like I missed out. I’ve already successfully referred two people for $50 bonuses.


2 Ryan

Steve: Yes, Steve, you can do that as well. The offer through my site will give visitors the opportunity to receive $25 for signing up, which is a great incentive to try this new lending platform. ๐Ÿ™‚


3 Imani

Hey, Ryan…

This seems almost too good to be true and you know what “they” say about that.

Let me see if I understand correctly, I get $25 to sign up as a lender and can use that to sponsor a loan and then get interest on that amount as the loan is paid off by the borrower?



4 Ryan

Imani: That is correct. Lending Club makes money by processing loans, which are 100% funded by lenders, not by Lending Club. There are more people wanting to borrow than there are lenders, so Lending Club is looking for more people to lend. To introduce more people to P2P lending, they are offering a $25 bonus to sign up. You could consider it an advertising expense on their end.

Before signing up for a Lending Club account, here are some articles to help you understand a little more about what P2P lending is and how it works:

The short and easy answer is that with P2P lending, you act as the bank and make loans to people who meet certain standards. Lending Club facilitates the loan and takes a percentage. The process is safe and legal, but the loans are not guaranteed, meaning you could possibly lose some or all of your investment, so I would only recommend investing money that you don’t need right away. Keep in mind that a standard loan is 3 years, so your money may be tied up for some time.

I have an account with Lending Club and so far, I have received good returns on my investment (approximately 10%). You can read more about it here: P2P Lending Update

To get the $25 bonus, you must use this link, which was given to me specifically by the new lender team at Lending Club: $25 Lending Club new lender bonus

Good luck if you decide to do it. ๐Ÿ™‚


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