0% APR Balance Transfer Card – Longest Intro Offer?

by Ryan Guina

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Are you looking for a 0% balance transfer credit card or a credit card that features 0% APR on purchases? Then this may be the card for you!

Citi just announced they are offering an increased balance transfer period for their premier balance transfer credit card.  Intro APR Period: 0% APR for 21 months on balance transfers and 21 months on purchases. This balance transfer offer is a great opportunity to take advantage of 0% interest rates.

Those who qualify for a 21 month 0% balance transfer offer are in for a real treat – this hasn’t been available from most major credit card companies for several years now due to the effects of the economic crisis on the credit industry. But now that the dust is settling on the Credit CARD Act, it looks like some of the credit card companies are getting more competitive with their credit card offers – which means better offers for consumers!

Longest Balance Transfer Offers – 21 Months

Citi currently offers two credit cards with a 21 month 0% balance transfer offer. Here are the cards and their features:

Which card is better? The decision comes down to what you are looking for. The key is to run the numbers and determine which benefits are most important to you – a longer 0% intro, cash back, rewards program, no annual fees, no penalties for late payments, or other perks.

With the credit card market opening up and becoming more competitive, it makes sense to get a card that will give you more benefits as a consumer. Find the credit card that meets your needs.

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Published or updated November 3, 2016.
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1 myfinancialobjectives

Wow that’s a great deal, 0% on transfers too is huge in my opinion. It’s rather ironic that you posted this topic, I just posted a topic about the exact opposite: Negative new policies and terms Credit Card companies are doing due to the Credit CARD Act. Nonetheless, this is still this is great news! Hopefully more companies follow!


2 Ryan

MFO, There are a lot of card companies that are using variable terms and other unfavorable conditions for new card holders. However, I only linked to cards in this article that are upfront about the conditions. When you apply you know more or less what you will be getting, and how much it will cost in terms of fees. For example, the card featured in this article has a 3% balance transfer fee, but no annual fees.


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